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A car diagnostic test can reveal a number of problems associated with your vehicle's engine and transmission, oil and gas tanks, exhaust system, and other systems.


Today's vehicles are designed with computer processors, microchips, and sensors that can be linked to a computer which scans the operating systems to pinpoint exactly where a problem may exist. They have the capability to produce a large variety of fault codes which get stored in the vehicle’s memory system. Some cars have several units which control engine management, brakes, suspension and even windscreen wipers. With diagnostic equipment, it is possible to identify the correct cause of the fault or problem and rectify it before the problem escalates.


Your auto repair technician has been trained to read the codes indicating a problem or what might need to be replaced during a car tune-up. This saves a lot of time and money troubleshooting a problem because you don't have to pay for repairs performed on a "trial-and-error" basis.


The benefits of a car diagnostic test mean that our mechanics can identify the problem quickly; order parts if necessary and will have the problem fixed before it becomes an inconvenience. As a car owner, you often have no idea why the ‘engine’ light appears in the dashboard, you only know that it is not something good! When you schedule a car tune-up, you are essentially asking for an inspection of your engine and an analysis of car’s performance so that adjustments can then be made as needed. What may be required during a car tune-up will vary from vehicle to vehicle, based on age, mileage and unique manufacturer recommendations for that vehicle.

Red Scorpion Garage uses the latest diagnostics tools, from the biggest brands such as BOSCH, AUTEL, ALIENTECH to cover all brands and additionally we own special diagnostics tools for the FCA Group Cars (FIAT, ABARTH, ALFA ROMEO, JEEP, LANCIA)

Our equipment is always Up To Date so we can diagnose the latest car models in All Car Brands.

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